A pivotal moment for Ricochet

Since we started Ricochet in 2018, we wanted to make life easier for small businesses. We had an idea, something new — so we researched it, prototyped it, tested and built it.

In the past 18 months, we’ve launched two products, worked with dozens of paying customers, spoke to hundreds…

Upstarts helping startups in the North East of England

Newcastle has a big heart, but it’s a small town.

North East England is a big place, but there are 150,000 more souls in Greater Manchester than there are in the 100 miles stretching between Middlesbrough and Berwick.

Population density in the North East is low. Newcastle has a…

We’re Ricochet, and we’re building software to automate and assist and sales development workflow. We believe there’s a billion-dollar opportunity to create a category-defining experience, as long as we’re relentlessly customer-focused and unashamedly ambitious.

Significantly, all of us are (at least) second-time founders — we’ve all been through this circus…

Some fourth-generation Pokémon, yesterday

Over the past year, on our journey to launching Ricochet, we’ve engaged with over 100 B2B companies. All flavours and sizes, different sectors, different products, different roles— from CEOs to marketers to salespeople — to figure out how we can solve their problems.

Something we learned from all these conversations…

AKA Once More, with Feeling *

Today, we’re delighted to publicly launch our latest MVP of Ricochet — a B2B search engine to help sales teams find and qualify new business leads faster.

Company information displayed in Ricochet

And yes, this all does sound eerily familiar.

We previously spent six months building something we thought people wanted, and launched that version…

It’s been six months since Jo, Kev and I started working together full-time, and today we’re excited to launch the first iteration of Ricochet.

If you’re responsible for sales development in a B2B company, you’ll know the pain and drudgery of searching and scraping around for new business — the…

Paul Smith

COO at Ori Industries. Previously Co-founder at Ricochet AI (acquired). Entrepreneur-in-Residence @ Techstars & Ignite. Former Hyperlooper and Twitchhiker.

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